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acupuncture to induce labour

Oct 24, 2010 - 3 comments






so I have booked in for acupuncture starting in 4weeks time, to hopefuly induce labour. thou it takes afew goes, I will have an appointment once aweek for 4weeks. fingers crossed it works and I wont go over due.. failing that the midwife is going to do a sweep at 39 weeks to see if that works.

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by leanne95, Oct 26, 2010
wow, thats sounds great if it works, how much is that costing if you dont mind me asking. i really dont want to go over due as this babys measuring 2 weeks bigger than it should be - ouch!
with my last babyies i did all the usual bits = hot currys, long walk, pinaples, sex.
2 were lait, 1 on time and 1 a week early.
let me know what they do, it'll be interesting to see if it works, iv never heard of that before, think i might have to look in to it, good luck X

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by jhannay, Oct 26, 2010
Hi, theres a change to when im having it done, i'm now having 3 sessions at 39 weeks, that way theres a better chance of it working.. its not costing anything free on nhs,  its part of the midwifery service.. they normaly only do it after your due date, but as im due 17th december and already have children( 1 thats birthday is xmas eve) there going to do it early, as with my other pregnancys i'v gone a week past my due date..

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by leanne95, Oct 28, 2010
none of my midwifes have ever mentioned it, it sounds great. message me nearer the time when you had the 1st sesion to let me know what they did and if you have any twinges :o)

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