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Making Peace with my Parotid Gland and Aphthous Ulcers

Oct 24, 2010 - 0 comments

Four weeks ago I awakened to a very swollen Parotid gland.  Nine weeks ago I woke up with a very large Aphthous Ulcer, significantly larger than an eraser on a #2 pencil  The ENT doctor (who never touched me) said both would resolve with time.  

They haven't.  

The ulcer has reduced in size  The Parotid gland wakes me up in the middle of the night because it gets larger and my mouth is very dry.  I woke up today hurting with a low grade fever and my cheek a big more swollen.    

So, I have decided that I won't think about any of this anymore.  

I am grateful that my case manager is pursuing Rehab to get me a power chair and other aids here at home.  I am a little worried about them coming here.  I am araid they will remove me from the home.  Animal waste, urine, flooring giving way---this is the family that God gave me though, and I love my sister no matter what.  I have thought about just refusing to allow them to come so that can't happen.

When they open the waiting list at the Pain Center, I will be given an appointment.

I think at this point that having my pain managed and being able to have my mobility aids are all I require.  Whatever I have---there is no treatment anway.

No more tests.  No more questions rom doctors, when they decide to do their job they can call and let me know.

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