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Oct 25, 2010 - 3 comments

I don't want to get my hopes up too much at this stage since it's still really early. seeing a heartbeat is the furthest we have ever got in the last 2 yearsbut the doctor said we could still miscarry. It's a strange feeling when we are not able to get excited yet. Most couples that conceive naturally would be over the moon by now. I suppose it's just anothervpart of the emotional rollercoaster we are on.

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676143 tn?1312941771
by angela418, Oct 25, 2010
I've been thinking about you and I am so glad you saw the heartbeat!  I'll keep praying for your baby-to-be!  

1356103 tn?1332593195
by Verysoon, Oct 27, 2010
MY doc told me the same thing 15% chance.  But don't let that in your mind, just keep your faith. We are about the same I turned 7w 2day per the doctors. The heart beat was 128 which they say is good. But of course you are human so you will still makes you a good mom!  :-)

1453322 tn?1438344297
by klr2650, Nov 01, 2010
That is sooo great..keeping you in my thoughts. Our holiday was to step back on the "baby makin train"!

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