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Day 67- doing good

Oct 25, 2010 - 1 comments

I am doing mostly good now.  Have occasional PAWS symptoms, but they only last a few hours and are gone.  I have had some wonderful days where I am really back to normal and I know this will continue to get better every day.  I dont think about trams all the time anymore, which is very good.  I have rekindled interest in some old hobbies that I have not really felt like doing for a long time.  Interesting how now I feel more creative and think more deeply about things again.  the trams really screwed up my life for 10 yrs!!  67 days free.  I am so very thankful.  

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by rmfai1, Oct 26, 2010
Hi Beth, Great to see your getting back to your original self. I was on a full dose + more some times for over 4 months and I can tell the big difference with during using and now being clean.... It must be a great feat for you that has had them for 10 years, as they have some what formed apart of your life.. Keep on living your new found life and enjoy every god given day you have.

All the best

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