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Leg Braces Yuck

Oct 27, 2010 - 0 comments



leg braces







On 9-1 I fell down thestep, broke my ankle which the er mis diagnosised.  Of course it was the right leg which is the weaker leg, so I thought. Ater a few weeks of sliding both feet along. Saw Ortho doctor Ross who I ust love, she saw I was not wear the right brace and asked why not - my response to her was it is 20 years old and doesn't fit properly any more!  She ordered for a new fitting, then th guy came to make the mold for the brace and he says to me she requests two - because the lef leg is weaker than the right.Now mentally I have known for years that both legs were getting slower, but I just kept on pushing.  Now since the broken foot, my desire to fight to walk is almost gone - but I know Roz and I will do what is necessary to keep going.  I have taken this pain since 1983 and I ave wo many battles even i I can not win the war of arachnoiditis. 10-27-10

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