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A scary day

Aug 25, 2008 - 1 comments

So today I went to see my Dr about an u/s a friend did for me Friday night. The u/s showed funneling and shortening of my cervix. In other words,my cervix was trying to open and prepare for labor. So I was referred to a high risk Dr. This Dr was great! They did a very detailed u/s, measuring all the bones including hispinky finger! Yep its a boy!!
So they saw the same funneling and shortening and I am scheduled for am emergent cerclage in about 3 hrs. It is 3 am and I am so nervous I can't sleep. I know this is a very simple procedure with very few low risks at this point, but I am still a nervous reck. I am now ging to be on strict bed rest to see if this procedure has work and the cervix has corrected itself. If in a week things are looking better I wont be on such strict bed rest but will still be monitored for signs of preterm labor and funneling every 2 weeks till this special baby comes out to play! Atleast now I know I will be getting great care and attention.
Mr Zechariah is perfect and very healthy. His brain, spine, heart, organds all lok great. They looked at his bladder, kidneys, liver and made sure there were 4 chambers to his heart. He was not being very cooperative during the u/s though. He didn't like them pushing on him so he was moving all over the place!
I have been feeling him move for a few weeks now and it is getting stronger and stronger! I con't wait till dh can feel it as well. He is my rock though all this! So we are on a day by day journey through this pregnancy taking nothing for granted!!

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by emmiemac, Aug 26, 2008
good luck, not that u need it im sure youll be fine! keep ur chin up
love emma

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