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Happy 1st birthday sweet heart x  x  x

Oct 28, 2010 - 4 comments

1st Birthday


sweet heart



Today @ 16:13pm it will be a year my lil angel grew his wings :-(   I can remember everything that went on a year ago today , I had to be @ the hospital for 9.00am my partner & my mother came with me & my dad came @ 11.00am has he walked out off work to be with us all & to see his lovely grandson , @ 12.00pm my partner & my dad went to the canteen to grab some grub for us all. but has soon has they booth went out off the room my pains kicked in straight away,& my mum kept making me laugh saying dont you let your water's break on my shoes,wen I laughed the pain was dad & partner returned,  my dad  kept asking if I was alright while he was reading the news paper :-) my dad dosen't like hospitals & he dosen't like seeing me in pain. I kept walking up & down & grabbing hold of my partner everytime the pains got stronger. then it was time for my lil angel to come, my dad went outside while my mum & partner stayed with me each at either side of me. the pain was awful my mum kept singing smelly cat to me so I wont feel the pain has much smelly cat song is a lil joke between me & mother ...... & my poor partner I was biteing his finger the midwife turned round to my mother & said is she really biteing him there mother said OHH yeah she is . then @16:13pm my lil angel came he was so warm & so gawjus he just looked so peacful he looked like his daddy but he had his mummy's nose :-)  
my mum went out to bring my dad in my dad held him they stayed for 10min then they left me & my partner to be alone with our lil angel. we had a photographer come in to take some pic's of our lil angel & we took some pic's to of our lil [email protected] 6.00pm my mum & dad came back & my partners mum came to has we had our own vicar come to the hospital & gave our lil angel a blessing @ 7.00pm .... me & my partner stayed @ the hospital to be with our lil angel we stayed up all night watching over our gawjus son I kept wishing that he would open his eyes our start crying .

on the 20th November 2009 we laid our lil boy to rest he had a picture off his mummy & daddy wich was put on to his heart with his arms wrapped round us. & his cousin Alisha made him a card wich also went. & he was laid to rest in his track suit & we played his song wich we always listend to by cherly cole fight for this love x x x  x x x x  x x x x x x x x x

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by leanne95, Oct 28, 2010
god bless your little angel, sending you big hugs for today. X

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by kersh79, Oct 29, 2010
Thankyou Leanne for your lovely message X

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by jamrock1971, Oct 30, 2010
Your son was blessed to have you as his mummy, was really touched by your comment your family and DP sound lovely! hope we both have good news to share real soon! sending you SSBD! x

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by kersh79, Oct 31, 2010
Thankyou so much jamrock for your kind lovely message :-)  & I really hope we do have good news to share , sending you SSBD X

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