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Backwards again

Oct 28, 2010 - 1 comments





pain muscle





Ive been up all night again. Somehow its gotten to the point where even laying in bed is painful. My bones themselves hurt, as if there was no muscle or fat between them and everything i come into contact with. Ive also noticed that at some points during the day i have consistent double vision. By this point i should be depressed, but I'm not. I'm just waiting. On what I'm not sure.

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by pammyd29, Dec 30, 2010
Hello, I suffer from similiar symptoms , and I have double vision on and off as well.From going to the Dr.s and Specialist over n over again, I figures out that mine was because my whole body needed ajusting like a Chyropractor can do for you? Plus I had severe, sickening migranes from tention all over my body from so much inflimation and muscle spasms, I found relief by getting ajusted 3-4 times a year or whatever you can afford, and stretch, stretch, stretch . I also go to a Pain Clinic where i get my meds as well. hope you feel better..

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