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Aug 26, 2008 - 2 comments

I fell at work yesterday,, I was so embarrassed.  I was bent down doing a eye chart on a cute little 6 year old, then tired to get up and my legs wouldn't couldn't push my body up.  so I fell forwards into the door, yea the cute little boy covered his mouth and started laughing... so I started laughing.. the doc came out and said,, what happened??  I said i fell i'm fine only my pride was bruised.

I'm just feeling so weak, I just pray that I can find the answers I need.


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by Shellshack, Aug 26, 2008
I'm praying for you Ray.  Keep your head up and keep seeing the humor in things...if possible.  It just makes it easier to accept.  And rest when you can.  : )  And know you're never alone and those answers you seek will come~you gotta believe that.  Just pray and let go and let God handle it...okay.


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by Lulu54, Aug 26, 2008
Gosh Ray,
That is one of my worst fears ... making a spectacle of myself.  I usually just do that in private.  I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself.

Be well,

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