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Heard Heart beat .. again !!! :-)

Oct 28, 2010 - 0 comments

high blood pressure


heart beat

i have an official appointment on 1st Nov, but since i was feeling sick since last night, my doc was kind enough to give me an appointment.. I complaint about high Blood pressure , so  the nurse checked me out..
the Blood pressure came little high, 122/83.. i really dont know if its thats high to make me feel uncomfortable..?the real part of story started when the nurse, after a while entered in the room with a hand Doppler, and told me dont be worried if you dont hear anything...
i guess after 5 seconds, i started hearing the heart beat,,, it was way much clear then the first time when i heard it at my 6 weeks 3 days pregnancy at my RE.this time it sounded exact heart beat and not like horses gallops..
i think after hearing that, my worries, thoughts everything went away and now , i am feeling so much better- even my blood pressure is normal now
my actual appointment is very much there for 1st Nov , so i will get to hear it soon again. But they are not measuring the organs of the baby before 20 weeks.. they will only measure the size of the baby.

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