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Aug 26, 2008 - 0 comments

Okay, so what have i been doing, since parents buggered off Denmark this week! not much, i haven't been eating badly, or smoking too much! in fact it's been okay.

I'm going to do the washing up! today we've got tennis, and squash planned on the agenda! which is funky.  I played tennis with Aumi yesterday it was okay not too bad. I was playing loads of squash and being really fit what happened, i dont know, now i'm getting fat again! this site is amazing and gives me A REAL log of what's going on.
My journal, why do i have a feeling this could be read by anyone!?

Anyhow i'm gonna sort all this out and lose the belly! find a tape measure and watch my weightline go down, i wanna be fit again!

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