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Oct 29, 2010 - 1 comments

i'm in pain. i feel like someone has taken an ax to my head and i survived to tell the tale. the most frustrating thing is that i could take 2 pills and the pain would be gone.....but if i take 2 pills then my tolerance goes up and it becomes much harder to manage the steps i've already taken.

being addicted to the only medication that takes the pain away is very frustrating. if i didn't abuse my medicine, i could be virtually pain free....

very frustrated right now.

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by AFKW, Oct 31, 2010
So sorry to hear that you are in pain.  What have you taken? What is it that you are addicted to? How can I help? You helped me - tell me so I can help you.  I'm here for you like you were there for me last Monday and I am feeling better.

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