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No "O" again...

Oct 30, 2010 - 9 comments

Again, Brandon makes the effort to come home this week just to BD because it's "O" week. positive on the OPKs. Definately had a positive in September. But none in August. Is this a pattern? Is it possible that now, in addition to only having one tube, I only have one functioning ovary? Just fantastic. :::sigh::: I know I need to just move on and be happy with what I have. But I can't quite let go of that fantasy of having another baby.

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by rdh1981, Oct 30, 2010
Awe Trish, my heart is breaking for you my girl. If you want it badly and I know you do then PLEASE do not give up! I know your sweet little Ian is waiting for the most perfect moment!!

Love ya my friend!

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by johannaviles, Oct 30, 2010
Tricia , I am sorry about this month....
Im always following up on you and your life, and praying God, remember He is good, keep your faith..  Stay positive, you will be blessed soon.

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by Crysi, Oct 30, 2010
I would think that only having one tube would mean that you wouldn't necessarily o every month. You ovulate from one ovary each month and its not necessarily one month right so the next month is left, it could be left left left right so it could be frustrating for you since you never know when you will o from your working side right? I think that's how it goes anyways LoL.
Best of luck next month, or hopefully you still o this month =^)  I hope you get your baby soon. You deserve it!

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by SoCalTricia, Oct 31, 2010, you still ovulate from both sides, even if one tube isn't working. Even before I had the tubal reversal surgery, I was ovulating - and neither tube was functional. I'm thinking maybe menopause is kicking in.

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by adgal, Oct 31, 2010
I'm sorry, I know this has to be horribly frustrating.  Maybe it was just a really short surge and it was somehow missed?  You know I am always keeping you in my prayers.  

803938 tn?1403748253
by Ecologic, Oct 31, 2010
Are you using a digital monitor? That probably would be the best to monitor your O as best as possible.
Good luck!

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by Heather3418, Nov 01, 2010

Just because you have a blocked tube and a "possible" blocked tube on the other side, you DO continue to ovulate from one side or the other, each month.  You may not have ovulated this month because you are under so much stress, OR you ovulated off schedule, before you started testing with the OPK.

I still wish that the doctor's would go back to the "possible" tube and snake a catheter all the way up to the ovary IF possible, to try and break up the blockage that might be there.  This procedure does not require them opening you up again.  They do this vaginally.  Of course you know, that an ectopic pregnancy is much more possible, since the tube had to be surgically opened.  Scar tissue reforms and the egg may get hung up in the tube and never make it to the uterus.  This is where I have heard that massaging the area, MAY keep scar tissue from forming.  I really don't know if this massaging does help, so I would ask others what they think.  Certainly wouldn't want to do harm to the tube through external massage.

The reason I bring up this method, is that I saw it on the Discovery Health Channel, on a woman that was going through the identical circumstances as you.  She was 41 years old.  In her case, the doctor's were able to break through the scar tissue and "clean" up the blocked tube.  She conceived a year and a half later and went onto to a successful delivery.  This was after 3 doctor's had told her that the procedure was impossible, so therefore pregnancy was impossible.  I do remember that she did take the drugs they offer, to help her conceive due to her age.  It just helps the chances of conceiving, as you know.

Tricia, you have to know me well enough by now, that I am one of your biggest "fans."  I have prayed and prayed for you to get pregnant, just once more, to experience the joys of motherhood.  You are so deserving.  My heart still breaks to this day, whenever I think about what you and Brandon have been through.  When you went for your tubal reversal, I was at home praying my heart out for you.  As so many others, were doing too.  You have so many people on these Forums that love you dearly and all of us just want to see you live your dream of carrying a healthy baby.

We DO love you, Tricia.  You are in the thoughts and prayers of so many.  That is a huge blessing, in my opinion.

Big Hugz, dearheart.  I continue to pray for you...  I continue to have so much hope.  Please make sure you try and keep that stress level down, as much as possible.  That can really fool around with ovulation.  It throws your body out of wack.  You don't need that.  Please check into the procedure I told you about.  It may be time to take up donations again.  Never be ashamed of that.

Big Mommie hugs from one mother to another.  You are so dear to my heart.

from the MS Forum

667409 tn?1309152183
by SoCalTricia, Nov 01, 2010 are one of the sweetest, most compassionate people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Somehow you always know the right words to say.


456039 tn?1302660148
by Crysi, Nov 01, 2010
Okay, cool thanks for clearing that up for me =^) I figured since the tube was blocked that even if that ovary did release an egg it wouldn't matter since it couldn't make it down the tube.

I have my fingers and toes crossed for you!

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