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They forgot to take out a Stitch.

Oct 31, 2010 - 6 comments




OMG yesturday I was cleaning out my bellybuttin and I was taking off the white scabs and I tryed to take the bottom one out and it was a stitch I was pulling on OMG... I told DH look its a stitch, thats what is was all this time. So he went and got these lil Scissors and cut it off but not so good the knot went in the whole. But then I found out he had use those same scissors to remove my puppies dew claws when they were born. I told him OMG your crazy how can you use that one me your freaking crazy he said I clean it. I said with what? He said alcohol. I was so freaking out after he told me that... I still am. I said your crazy. He said Ill be fine, I am going to call my doc up tom and ask him my risk. I am still cleaning it with the stuff the doc gave me that helps kill anything n bacteria. I sure hope for his own good he is right...

Went to the doc and he took the one out of my bellybuttin and the other that was hanging out and told me to leave the other ones alone that they are dissolvable stitches and they will dissolve in 8 to 10weeks.
Good thing I didnt mess with them but one. he said it was fine.

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1353461 tn?1340378203
by monnie143, Oct 31, 2010
I had a stitch left in me as well after my laparascopy in May. I didn't see it till 3 weeks after and luckily, mymom is an NP and she took it out with a stitch removal kit. If the rest of the stitch is left in there it can cause infection wether or not it's clean. It will start to form a pustule around it and be sore, then may come out on it's own, or need to be surgically removed. Ugh. Call your Dr. ASAP just to be sure. Sorry that happened to you.

1160836 tn?1332330169
by Sobie, Oct 31, 2010
oh wow I will def call in the morning.. cause i dont want that to happen to me..

1215490 tn?1319837441
by S2609, Oct 31, 2010
Aww you poor thing. That would have stressed me out too! I'm sure you'll be fine but it's definitely a good idea to call the doc and make sure they see it. Big hug! xx

1160836 tn?1332330169
by Sobie, Oct 31, 2010
yeah I will, thing is that when we cut it the knot went in the whole so you dont even see it any more he going to call me crazy... lol..

1160836 tn?1332330169
by Sobie, Nov 01, 2010
Will I am going in today to take out them out, oh and by the way there where two more that were left. thats crazy.. I called them up and ask if I am supppose have that there she was like when you want to come in. I said ASAP. so will be heading over there at 9am today.

1353461 tn?1340378203
by monnie143, Nov 02, 2010
Oh good dissolvable stitches are much better!!! Thats good news!

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