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I hate my family

Oct 31, 2010 - 0 comments

My family









For the past few months I have been looking for a job for my mom because she's always complaining how she doesn't have a job and how I'm not helping her find a job. I found her alot of job openings but she had a problem with every one of them and was sayying "Oh they're not going to hire me because of this and this reason."
I have been working at my job and doing good but I work evenings and since I can't drive my mom has been driving me. Now she tells me she got an evening job and she can't drive me and either I find another driver somewhere or I quit my job. I tried to help her find a good day job so she could have a job and still drive me to mine at night. But she insists on taking this job and just it seems like she's abandoning me or something. I help her out all the time and I hate that she does this to me. She's turned on her family a number of times. This isn't the first time. The rest of my family barely tolerates her and they don't have to deal with her because half my family lives in another state. Anyways I will do anything to keep my job and I 'll just deal with all my hurt and everything privately in my room, which I
m paying a $100 for every month. But I'm always going to hate her.

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