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Me wanting a diagnosis

Aug 26, 2008 - 2 comments

pineal gland cyst




pineal cyst

For the last year I've had symptoms that are slowly getting worse. The only thing that has been found is a pineal gland cyst with septation, 10.5 x 9.0mm. I'm being told its not the cause of my ongoing symptoms. I have had MRI of the brain, spinal tap, EMG test, and blood test.  Still no diagnosis. My MRI also showed right maxillary sinus cyst, and spinal tap results showed small demyelination. My B12 level has been under 350 for the last 3 years, which I'm told is low normal.  My symptoms are headaches feel like my head will burst also some stabbing, dizziness, nausea, eye ear and neck pain, the list is ongoing.  I cant seem to find a doctor that will actually listen and take the time to talk. During this last year I feel I've aged 10 years.  I would love to find a doctor that knows more about pineal cysts. I have met several others online that are in the same boat.  Could these cysts be causing problems? My thought is yes.

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by Jules77733, Aug 27, 2008
Demyelination could be causing some of the pain you're feeling (this is baaaad for your nerves!).

In my humble opinion, your cyst is big enough to be causing symptoms. I also noticed something weird on my MRIs that the radiologist apparently missed. I say "missed", because my GP even though it was something--she said it was something "nasty" on one of my sinuses (it looks like it's in my right maxillary sinus, too, oddly enough), but the neurologist glanced at it and said it wasn't in my sinuses and that it seemed to be "normal". I really don't see how that's possible. I feel like my head will burst, too, and I get headaches, some dizziness, a real "heavy-headed" feeling, nausea (I threw up once and came close to throwing up several other times, but I went to sleep so I wouldn't feel that way any longer). I have eye pain now, and my neck is starting to hurt, even though it's been swollen on one side for almost 5 months now.

Bottom line: our heads are prime space, and there's just enough room for everything that we need to be in there. When there's something in there that shouldn't be and it's fairly large, to boot, I think there's no way in h e l l we can expect to not have it cause us any problems.

I hope find a doctor to advocate for your cause SOON! Keep me posted, we're in the same boat right now!

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by danoldfart, Sep 10, 2011
I believe that my symptoms are the result of a Pineal Gland Cyst or tumor.  The symptoms are such that when I move my eyes a little more than I do normally, I get a rushing sound in my ears. I feel, not dizziness, but a pressure sensation in my head when this occurs. It happens mostly early in the morning while I am just waking up. Sometimes at other times as well.  No pain, but possibly a little dizziness.   It has been going on from mild to more moderate for more than 20 years.  Any comments about this?  Dan   d.***@****

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