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I don't know what to do, my niece is at risk!!!

Nov 01, 2010 - 8 comments

Right basically my SIL (Micky) has PND.. or whatever its called, and Depression was a BIG issue during her pregnancy. I mean BIG but she never told my BIL (Andy, Johns Brother), but always told me, and ALWAYS promised me she would get help after she had my niece (Millie). She Promised,
Well things got ALOT worse after she had Millie, and I told her to get help and she said she didnt need it, everyone was wrong, I said well go see your doc to prove you're right then, She said she did, and lied to me!
Well, ever since Millie was born she has been saying  she doesnt want her, she wished she never had her and things like this, well, I then told Andy and John and things like this, and Andy tried to help her being her boyfriend and Millies dad, well she didnt want any of it, and they broke up, and then stopped him seeing Millie so he done what any father would do and DEMAND access, and she rang the police said he needed anger management, well Ive known him all my life and I have NEVER known him to ever get angry and lash out. EVER, But for his Daughter he would do anything, and went to all these anger management classes and well he went to two and they told him to leave because he didnt need them, and signed him off and gave the police a statement that he didnt need it.
So they left it at that,
Well things got worse again... and now she is trying to get an Injunction over nothing... But it hasnt worked at all. So she lost there,
Well, Friday a comment was left of Facebook (Well Micky's status actually) saying 'Chop chop, milz is crying, lets dangle her out the window in her bouncy thing' so Mary (John and Andys Sister) rang out of Hours social services and they said we'll take note of this, didnt do anything, but when my drunk step dad makes a claim of my sister cooking her own dinner they came round the same day? the same with my mum apprently not living in the country).... Well Andy gets a daily text about Millie well she is lactose intolerant and cannot have ANY dairy at all... this morning Millie had a yoghurt and cheese... I think you'll find that is dairy products. My Niece still has tubes up her nose from being so ill and is sooo tiny and poorly. And Micky knows this will make her worse. She also leaves Millie downstairs on her own whilst Micky has a bath. On her own on the floor!!!!!!! No one else is in the house! I only know this because Andy had a key to her house and walked in on his daughter on the floor  and micky in the bath!!

Well, I rang Social services about the Yoghurt and cheese thing I also rang the police, they said they will note it. But nothing might not be done today as it ISNT URGENT! You what?? Seems pretty urgent to me!! I rang again and said I am not happy, my niece is at risk and you're doing nothing you're meant to be CHILD PROTECTION and you're doing bugger all. Some protection that is!
Andy rang 8 solicitors (Lawyers) today and they all said they cant see him for 2 - 3 weeks, I rang my mums solicitor and they are seeing him tomorrow morning, and if do what they done with my mum he will be in court on Thursday. Thats how good they are.
Well I just got told the Police finally went round to Micky's house and said there is nothing wrong everything is fine. Micky IS the type of person who will put on an act to ensure she gets her way (my mum is the same, so I know and can tell in a person, plus she done it before) she isnt right.
And they aint doing anything...
there are also threats that Micky is going to move with Millie without Andy's consent which isnt allowed.
I have spent all day trying to help and my niece IS at risk and its like the Authroities dont care. I mean a year or so ago a baby died because Social services ignored the claims and allegations being made, this baby died... I duno if you all heard the story about Baby P. But his mum put on an act likee Micky did and well it then got ignored!!
I am stressing sooo much about this, and when I stress Harry doesnt stop he basically tells me to stop haha.

I dunoo what else I can do. I am going to fight for my niece, but it is making Andy so low and it doesnt help that his sister just had another baby Yesterday, its tearing him apart!



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by julianovak, Nov 01, 2010
GOSH what a story!!!!! Oh my.... poor millie!!! how old is she? and she is honestly so skinny and sickly??? how come child services doesnt know of this!!!????? this is nonsense! :/ Poor baby, poor andy!!! Id take that child in in a heartbeat! :/

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by Cassandrajane, Nov 01, 2010
She'll be 5 months Nov 18th. She's a bit healthier now... Search for Micky West on Facebook. Just dont add her.
Child Services DO know. Ive been on the phone to them alday, They just said they're taking note of it!
The police went round said everything is okay?? I am writing a letter to Support Andy in court, or I will be giving birth in prison.. Andy is Family now and NO ONE treats my family like this EVER. I will fight for Millie.

I duno what else I can do! MY own personal Support worker rang Child Services and said SHE had concerns (I told her whats going on) And they said its being noted and gone to the Local Office (Basically nothing down here)
They aint doing nothing... I am going off my head!

And now I found out I am about 68.2lbs?? I really hope my scales are lying!!!!! I cant be too ill to have Harry, Im not going through this again!!!


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by natashajay, Nov 02, 2010
wow babe thats a dilema...thing is if social and the police are adamant that nothings wrong you cant go against them no matter what you say..i know its frustrating and i soooo feel for Millie bless love nothing more to than to take her away from all that...i know its hard and harry cant be liking any of this stress but really other than watch over Millie and keep reporting incidents there is nothing you can do...and i wouldnt reccommend having harry in prison...they've had sooooo many cutbacks you might not even have gas and air!!!LOL
but all joking aside..i feel for you, it does sound like she needs help...does she have a health visistor you could ask about her...mine came in aftera friend thought it would be funny to tell her i was depressed..of course i wasnt but she camearound, got me to filll out this form and observed me for over an hour...the result of the questionaire form thing and the watch was enough to convince her i wasfine and she said that they can pick up on depression signs and stuff so i was ok....of course my friend had a mouthful of abuse from me..she thought it was sooo funny, but the point is they should know from thier training and they can then alert the social etc...she cant put on a false face forever...there will be give away signs that will be picked up and hopefully the right person will see before another baby P incident, which has happend with 5 other children since!!!

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by Cassandrajane, Nov 02, 2010
She text Andrew after the police arrived saying Im going to kill myself and Millie.
She puts on Acts and stuff and sometimes because millie was crying she wouldnt take her to Doc apts to find out how ill millie was.

Andy went to my mums solicitor today and basically they will start with 3 days contact and if Micky doesnt agree to it or stops it then Andy will go for full Custody. (This is what the Solicitor said).

But Andy kinda likes someone else and doesnt like Micky in that way anymore, and Micky WILL USE THIS to stop him from seeing Millie... because she Loves Andy.. Oh soooo confusing,

I wil take my own load of Gas and Air!! LOL


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by therese101, Nov 02, 2010
Wow cass that sounds pretty horrible. Did you report the message that she sent, i would. Tell him to make sure he keeps it. Its appalling how so many children just fall through the cracks of Community Services. But by you calling and reporting you are helping them build a case against her, so keep it up. It probably would be in his best interest not to mention the other girl he is interested in.

Try to settle yourself down and maybe get a few extra meals in a day. Or even a glass of milk or a yoghurt, this should help with the weight. I know that you have had alot of problems, but you need to focus on Harry. You all made me laugh about prison cut backs with gas! LOL

Millie is really cute.

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by Cassandrajane, Nov 02, 2010
Andrew did today, but they said they have already been out and everything was fine and okay and there is nothing to worry about???? ARE YOU JOKING ME???
I am going to keep calling under different names reporting her and this comment on facebook, I will not have my niece underground!!

I haven't, But him and this other girl have a history and are close and Micky already knows because his friend told her. Because she went mad at Andy and all this stuff Andy ignored it because she is being childish and his mate stuck up for him, saying he is interested in someone else, and is only being civil with you because he wants to see his daughter because he is not one of those guys who will abandon responsibility, Andy went to the solicitor 'I am grown up enough to have sex, and make my daughter, I am old enough to take responisibility of her, I will fight untill I get her, I will not give up on her, she is my daughter'

My scales are broken. I havent had a chance to re weigh myself. I drink too much milk, about 2 pints every other day...

I Love my Millie, I havent seen her in a long time, because Micky wont let us, as I dont have facebook I cant even look at her from that... But she stil has tubes up her nose and things and it breaks my heart.

Think I might be a solicitor, Im a pretty good fighter, Considering Andy rang 8 Solicitors they couldnt see him, I rang ONE and they saw him the next day, he is in Court Thursday!! I even wrote a letter of my concerns, because Micky soo many times told me how she wish she killed  Millie, how she doesnt want her, never wanted her, leaves her in the back garden in her baby swing and goes in the house... its not fair on Millie and  or Andy, and Micky needs help before she does something stupid!


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by HaYnSweetie, Nov 05, 2010
OMG! How can a mother treat her child that way! I feel so bad for fight for your niece Cassandra! I hope they take Millie away from her and give her to Andy! UGH I feel like punching Micky!

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by Cassandrajane, Nov 05, 2010
Well, Millie is still with Micky, she has to sign these papers... but she hasnt yet and she got them wednesday. Looks like she is going to court!! But I wrote a Lovely letter that i'll post on here that has been sent to Andy's Solicitor!!


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