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Results of 2nd MRI

Nov 02, 2010 - 0 comments

Well, results from the 2nd MRI are back
by COBOB , 11/02/2010
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Nothing stunning and a few new T2 foci are not going to get the Neuro too excited.

TECHNIQUE: Whole brain precontrast 5mm sagittal T2 FLAIR, 3mm axial
T2-TSE, proton density and T2-FLAIR images, pre/post IV contrast 3mm
axialT1-weighted Images. 20 cc of Multihance contrast was
administered via IV and the patient had no adverse reaction.

FINDINGS: This study is compared to a previous study dated 6/3/2010 .
There are few new T2 hyperintense lesions present within the
supratentorial brain. These are located within the periventricular
white matter along the horn of the right lateral ventricle, left
caudothalamic groove and within the right centrum semiovale. These
are small in size. The brain volume is normal. The volume of the
corpus callosum is normal. There are no T1 black holes. Postcontrast
images demonstrate no evidence for abnormal enhancement to suggest
active demyelination.

Optic nerves and optic chiasm are normal in appearance. There is
slight decreased caliber of the left optic tract and right optic

The visualized extra cranial soft tissues including the globes and
orbits are normal.

Major intracranial vascular flow voids are present and normal. There
is mucous retention cyst present within the right maxillary sinus.
Visualized cervical spine is normal in caliber and signal.

IMPRESSION: Few nonspecific foci of T2 hyperintensity present within
the supratentorial brain are new compared to the previous study.
These are all small in size. There are no T1 black holes. There is no
evidence for abnormal enhancement. Equivocal slight decrease in
caliber of the left optic tract. Also slight decrease in the size of
the right optic nerve. No definite evidence of PML.


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