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first ultrasound

Nov 03, 2010 - 2 comments



First Ultrasound



well todays my 1st ultrasound, idk why their giving me one at 4 weeks but o well i just want to know that everythings going good.

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by vacuumprincess, Nov 03, 2010
this is crazy that you had an ultrasound so early.  There is nothing to see or for them to do at 4 weeks.  I went to Er at 5.5 weeks cause I was totally freaking out, thinking I was going to miscarry (I have before).  Anyway, they couldn't see anything really then.  I was told that was kinda normal... Now at 8.5 weeks I saw a heartbeat!  Chin up.  it's too early to see squat.  

This really baffles me that they did an ultrasound. Why?  Are they trying to scare you or what?

1492421 tn?1290304115
by 10_29_10, Nov 03, 2010
yeah it seems that way, thank you so so so much i really hope this one sticks, this is going to be a long 3 weeks

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