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at the pharmacy 11/3/10

Nov 03, 2010 - 5 comments

I haven t had a pain pill in over 2 years.  I feel like I m completely over it....I ve seen deals and pills right in front of me and it doesn t bother me at all....Today I went to my local grocery store with a pharmacy which I ve used many times.  I decided to go over and get a flu shot..$20.00 cheaper than my doc.  It was very busy and there was a 15 minute wait.  As I sat there a feeling overcame me.  I remembered how excited and happy I would be to get that bottle of pills thinking each time...I will take then responsibly.  I wondered the same thing about the people at the pharmacy what where they getting...they seemed too happy...weird stuff like that.  who really cares but it bugged me to think these thoughts. I m not over it and probably never will be.  Just a strange day but all is good.  I have my freedom and that s all that matters....God bless us all :)

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by dominosarah, Nov 03, 2010
I have a hard time going to the pharmacy at times also so i usually go with someone.  I have had the same type of thoughts you did and my mouth has even watered.  It can grab you hard.  You wont ever be over this completely.  It will sneak up on you when you least expect it.  You are right, you have your freedom and that is what matters......Enjoy your day!!         sara

1032715 tn?1315984234
by narla, Nov 03, 2010
I get the same feeling when I walk past a bottle shop,memories,
It's hard at the chemist though because I have to go in and get my legitimate medications.

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by PromisedLand, Nov 03, 2010
I have the same problem when I go to get my legitimate meds that I require..I hate to have to wait and always go to the drive through, and still think about the days when I'd get my bottle of 90 vicodins and couldn't wait to open them up or then 90 Trams and couldn't wait to open them up...

sometimes I'd get paranoid, like a cop would be there waiting for me because I've been getting too many or some stupid thing..(always went to the same Dr and pharmacy).


442658 tn?1563386491
by merrymaria, Nov 03, 2010
getting the pills was like getting a prize....a booby prize in the long run....I ve been to the pharmacy since getting clean and it really doesn t get to was a different story....just sitting there watching all the people picking up their rx s.  Seeing all the hustle of the pharmacists working, hearing the pills hit the bottles, seeing happy people walk away saying thank really made me think of the days when I couldn t wait to get that bottle of perks...the high I got just from looking at them.  I guess these things are to be expected.  I m good tonight....thank you med help friends :)

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by CandyDay, Mar 30, 2011
I get a joyful feeling, a really strong urge whenever I pass a pharmacy.  I am on day 5 of what I plan to be my last detox from OTC codeine. Nothing else gives me that feeling of lift when I pass a new pharmacy where they don't know me and I can go in and purchase without being challenged. In suppose nothing replaces that so it's a matter of it becoming as you say here over it.

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