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dont know what to do

Aug 26, 2008 - 2 comments

ok i have a serious question.i have a six yr old daughter and am pregnant with a second child due in january.she doesnt know about this yet so i am sure the problem is not due to this fact.but the child i am carrying is not from her father but from my current partner.anyways my daughter has taken to lying about some serious issues while at her fathers house and i dont know what to do or how to get her to understand u just cant do that.i just got a phone call tell in me she told them that my boyfriend hits her when he gets mad.this has never happened i assure u.i would never ever allow anything like this to happen and my daughter is very open and usually honest with me if god forbid something had happened without my knowledge she wouldve told me.either whicch way the second i confronted her she began to cry and the story went from him doing it to her thinking he was going to to she doesnt know why she said it at all..has anyone experienced this problem?i fear its going to becmd much worse once she finds out about the baby

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by shadowserpent, Aug 26, 2008
she may get better when she finds out about the baby, or your right she may get worse. you need to sit down and explain to her that lying will only end up hurting her in the end! i have a 5 almost 6 year old and am due with a girl on sept 18th, at first he didnt act any different, then when i got bigger he got a little bit needy, now hes super excited to help raise his sister! so its sometimes a good thing! if she thinks she needs to be a role model she may just shape up! pm me if you ever need to! questions or comments or whatevr! and good luck being a mommy is so hard sometimes! btw... my sons dad is not the same as my soon to be daughters dad either so i get you on that one.

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by lolagrl, Aug 27, 2008
im really prayin that it makes things better and not worse cause im not sure what worse would be...ive neevr heard of such horrible lies from a little kid..i mean fibbing bout things is one thing but lying about something that can ruin peoples lives is a totally different thing.

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