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feeling exhausted

Nov 04, 2010 - 3 comments

as you might expect as im so tired, all im doing is eating...jammy dodgers at this point.....nearly the whole pack!
ive done the invoices...yay....sorted out my daughters thank you notes for her birthday the other week....made a special xmas my demo ready for next tuesday.
ive got a reading meeting at my youngests school at 2.45pm and a busy evening making cards which i didnt do last night due to going out.
im wondering if this breathless feeling will dissapear? then i remember i forgot to take my inhaler this morning...infact i forgot to put my  rings on tooo....hang on a tick.......
ok rings onto swollen fingers...inhaler taken....still breathless...Braxton Hicks started up as i went upstairs because im really too tired to move, ohhh but babys kicking so thats good #3 on my kick chart..#4 good good, must like the jammy dodgers i almost chocked on.....
so what next?
urgh im soooo tired can t be bothered to do more washing or any...  #5 ..thing.
at least baby isnt too tired, oh i just remembered another job i'll have to go do it....doesanyone else have really bad preggie brain or is it just me.....perhaps im senile?

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1303813 tn?1303162962
by Cassandrajane, Nov 04, 2010
I made cookies and I am munching them haha.
You can have my braxton Hicks!! LOL,, 5pm last night every 4 mins off the scale hosp thought I was going into labour!
I have the worst baby brain EVER, 4 hrs worth of work, well, I done it... Backwards! well so I thought, so I shredded it, re printed it,.. THEN realised I done it all right to start off with! What a gay! LOL..

I wanna make cards haha. Im fed up cause Johns sister is now attention seeking because JJ's dad wants to see him and she wont let him so she is hiding in a room so no one can find her! PATHETIC!


1301836 tn?1305625415
by natashajay, Nov 04, 2010
urgh she's off her gonna take new pikkie of my bump...gonna add it to the gallery....i feel huge, getting quite breathless with it

1303813 tn?1303162962
by Cassandrajane, Nov 04, 2010
That's 2 SILS off their head, but Johns sister (Mary) is a d i c k head! LOL>.I hate her!

and oooo, thou shall comment! :)


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