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heavy bleeding...

Nov 04, 2010 - 1 comments

well flow is heavy today not light and not spotting. but the tracker puts me back at one if I put anything heavier then the spotting in. but I am heavier then spotting. wtf, what is going on. I think its b/c I stopped taking my metformin and now my body is trying to adjust. I didnt want to take the pills I wanted the symptoms to end for a time. but it will be one month on nov 8th that is when I will start taking metformin agian and this time I think Im going to change how I take, instread of once a day im going to try three times a day. a couple more days, only a couple more days.

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by missybirt, Nov 05, 2010
now I have blood clots comming out... I cant wait for this to be over. I bleed heavy this morning and then at one point just stop and then at another (TMI )  I spurt out blood clots. I am so done with this period. please god let it end already.

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