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what a week!

Nov 04, 2010 - 2 comments

my grandfather passed away today. I've been at the Hospice center with my family all week. hence the no testing and/or charting... my stomach is a mess... I'm so stressed. I woke up this morning and had started my period... and then at 1:10 I watched my grandfather take his last breath... I'm just so relieved that he's no longer in any pain...   *sigh*

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1403042 tn?1324395089
by Amay82, Nov 06, 2010
So sorry about your grandfathers Passing . . . I was with my Grandfather as well the day he passed away , I was holding his hand and only 15yrs old . . . It was so hard to watch him go but even more hard watching him Suffer for 8 years  . . . But at lease he is not suffering anymore and went to a better place .

I am also sorry that I have not written you lately , MedHelp has not been letting me view anything but my own , and now i think whatever it was is fixed now . . . I am so frustrated that i still have not gotten any BFP's , I am going to give myself till March and then find a local doctor who has been here a long time and not sent over sea's who I can't understand ( so frustrating ) . . . I finally O'd again so I am starting yet another long two week wait , but am hoping it fly's by . . . I have been keeping myself busy with ( Curling ) it started up 4 weeks ago . . . it is only one day a week ( Friday's ) but it helps . . . We have won all out games so far so that is a plus .

Have a nice weekend , I send you my sympathy as well . . . Take it easy and rest some !

1411910 tn?1326381140
by jessta, Nov 07, 2010
curling??? you won games??? so lost! lolz!!!   My grandpa found out he had cancer Sept. 10th 2010. it took him that quick. It was really sad......

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