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ladys need help and advice x

Nov 06, 2010 - 0 comments

okaii past few weeks been in and out of hospital because of my heart rate being high x it didnt go below 110 and reached 160 and all i was doing was stuck on a moniter in hospital bed i werent worried or anything x but i keep having palpitations witch makes me light headed and feeling like crap my heart races to the point i can feel it doing so im only 28 weeks + 2days but really worried that this keep heppening to me and how poo it makes me feel is it doing the same for my baby? is he in destress? i no he is best in side me as im only 28 weeks but starting to feel that im hurting him because of the palpitations x or is being pregnant the reson i getting them i have to have weekly check ups x i also have spd so have to go physico to get a support belt i just not sure what going on i been for ecgs and heart scans but they dont no whats up with me i just so afraid im hurting my baby x

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