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Weight loss on work scales with a friend

Nov 06, 2010 - 3 comments

Weight Loss



Well on the 16/10/2010  me & a friend of mine @ work decided to weigh our - selfs on the works scales , my friend dosen't really need to lose weight she said she wants to be 10 stone she only has 6lb to lose but I think she Just helping me :-)  ........

11/10/10 = Monday  @ gym

me = 17.8lb  

16/10/10 = Saturday @ work


the work scales are 8lb more than the ones @ the gym. plus I have my uniform on, has @ the gym I have leggins & T-shirt on. it is so weird how scales are all different .....

6/11/10 = Saturday @ work

me = 17.10lb

14/11/2010 = sunday @ work

me = 17.2lb   I have loss  8lb  

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1387949 tn?1279719529
by suzie1975, Nov 21, 2010
Maybe a stupid question but what is a stone? What would it be equal to in pounds?

1444838 tn?1456170952
by kersh79, Nov 21, 2010
There is 14lb in a stone . and no its not a stupid  question hun x

1387949 tn?1279719529
by suzie1975, Nov 22, 2010
Thanks,sometimes I watch BBC and they use that term and I get confused. I learned something new :)

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