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Anyone think it's worth retesting?

Nov 06, 2010 - 1 comments

A few weeks back, I tested negative for HIV on a rapid test, and even asked the doctor to send in more blood for a lab test, just for more confirmation, and that test came back negative, as well. The most previous sexual encounter beforehand (and still, for that matter) was a short session of male-to-male oral sex (both give and receive). I forgot when that was, though. At the time of the test, I felt it had definitely been long enough post-exposure (12 weeks), but after I got my negative results, I began to feel and think "Well, maybe it wasn't 12 whole weeks?" And now, it hits me about the possibility of it being a couple of weeks short of 12. Maybe it's just my head messing with me. Would you say it's worth going back and testing again?

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by lanvin, Nov 07, 2010
You're fine, most people will test positive by 4 weeks. Some doctors feel 6- 8 weeks is very accurate. So a week or two away from 12 weeks is nothing. BUt to be technical according to CDC 3 mths is conclusive. REtesting is up to you but NOT if it was 12 weeks after, you would be in the clear, and I do not think you have HIV. If oral sex was your only exposure then it wasn't a real risk.

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