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Break through!

Aug 27, 2008 - 0 comments

Today I decided to give myself a chance and be truthful with self...I discovered that I hadn't been myself due to the negativity that i've embraced and meditated on. I had actually abandoned every and anything that made me, me. So, I decided to go back to the old me and meditate on the things that I used to, like my skills on the basketball court, pingpong, and barbering; all which made me who I was at the time.

The key was to meditate all day on what you used to, on purpose. (Become that same arrogant and confident ******* that everyone seemed to dislike for all the wrong reasons). The thing is, you were doing good until someone came and made you believe that you were complicating things, you fell for it and here you are...YOu were doing good, dispite the negative bull that was goin on. Go back to you; you cant please everyone, and everyone is damn sure not tryin to please you.....Everytime I felt myself slipping back I countered with something positve about myself, a strength...I remind myself that even if im not what the world wants me to be, I am still an awsome person....But I have to maintain and no let anyone pull me off of my high.

Find you again and be a little selfish this time; you cant please them no matter what you do. You walked away from self and self walked away from you...reconcile, and run off into the sunset with self and live happily ever after..MEDITATE on what made you happy then..and apply it. Please!..Love yall!!!!!!!!!

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