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Just another day

Nov 08, 2010 - 0 comments









no patience





Well it is another monday and the hubby is pulling a 10 hour day, which don't get me wrong is better than his 12-13 hour days, but still I am just tired of being alone and feeling like a single parent. I shouldn't even be complaining though because he would rather be with us, it's just not possible to scrap by if he doesn't work these hours.

The kids are loud and hyper and I don't have the energy or patience to deal with it. Our middle is still not sleeping hardly at all and it is getting old.

I have been looking at all the bottles of pills that we have tried to use to get the headaches under control, which none have worked yet, and I can't help but think that surely taking all of them would be enough to check out forever. But then who would watch the kids and clean the house and cook dinner, so I just grab something sharp and cut up my wrist some more and pray my hubby doesnt notice because I don't have the energy for that fight!

Trying to make it one more day! Thats as far as I can look for now!

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