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Aug 27, 2008 - 3 comments

to day is a worried day I am not sure what is going on I just feel down and out to day I feel bad  dont feel food either I just dont want to live any more things are not good for me if I want to get out of my dads house I will have to live under a brige and I dont want to do that I just dont know what to do .  life for me at home is hell me and my dad a fighting and he has hit me last week no were to turn to I jsut want to give up can some one help me lpz be for I lose it ?

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by jackie5287, Aug 27, 2008
Sorrry to hear that........... Trust me life isnt that bad i know you are feeling down and out but everything will be ok..... Maybe try to sit down and talk with your dad let him know how you feel........ Maybe try and be the better person and do things that will help yall not fight............ I hope all gets better.......... GOD BLESS

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by cowboy20022002, Aug 27, 2008
to do that is to give up a dream of being tattoo artest and I am not going to do that I have work to hard to get were I am to let my dream go

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by Omagloria, Aug 27, 2008
If this is a bad day, try and focus on what you can do to make it better and not on what you can/t do. Try meditation and relaxaton exercise, also Imagery. Imagine yourself in a safe and special place thats yours alone. I am fighting Cancer and this has helped me greatly. A wonderful book I can recommend is:  " the Healthy MInd, Healthy body Handbook" by David S. Sobel, Md. It will teach you how to relieve stress, improve mood , boost immunity and much more. I highly recommend it!  Hang in there, one step at a time!   Best of luck.

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