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Weight loss

Nov 09, 2010 - 3 comments

Weight Loss


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went to the gym today after work & handed in my food diary wich I did for 2weeks . my Instructer also weighed me & measured me has well today. I was so HAPPY that I had lost 6lbs :-)   I didn't think I lost anything . I have also lost 8 1/2 "  all over my body to, & my body fat was 50% on 11/10/10,  22/10/10 it was 47.3%  & now on 9/11/10  my body fat is 46.3%................ Just hope it keeps going down now

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1449821 tn?1421082696
by giggles232000, Nov 09, 2010
wooohooo u go girl that is awesome your doing great

1444838 tn?1456174552
by kersh79, Nov 09, 2010
Thanks Just hope it carrys on going down :-)  I havent had bread, chocolate, crisp, biscuits, butter,chips , or fryed foods  for 2 weeks. but I have treated myself every friday me & my fella have special satay with egg fried rice which I look forward to :-)  

1449821 tn?1421082696
by giggles232000, Nov 09, 2010
you can your doing great, yummmmmmm that sounds good

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