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Nov 10, 2010 - 1 comments

Need to try to get to at least 135 before I get BFP. I may drop anyway with mornin sickness, but i plan to exercise throughout and before my pregnancy. Don't wanna get too fat while pregnant and I want it to be easey to drop the weight and tone after.

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by SShylady, Dec 25, 2010
Sorry to say this, but DH and I have decided to hold off on ttc if BFP does not show in this cycle. Between August when I weaned myself off of my migrane meds, up until now, I have managed to gain about 22 pounds!! It would not be healthy for us to conceive right now. I was 140-145 when I began weaning off the meds. That is alot of weight in such a short period of time. I gave in to cravings and I feel my meds kept my appetite under control while I was on them. Without them, I was unable to fight and eat the way I knew I shoulda been eating. I used to be 183 pounds and fought my way down from there, only to arrive at 162 today. I am so disappointed in myself, but the only thing to do now is fight full force with everything I have. If I am already pregnant, light exercise and watching what I eat is an order. If not, heavy exercise and watching what I eat is an order. Either way, time to get back on the healthy way of living horse!! I will be in touch with the weight tracker if I am not pregnant. I know you ladies will be tracking ttc or babies. Thanx for being here for me!! God bless!!

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