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My Journey towards ablation

Nov 11, 2010 - 4 comments

Nov.11, 2010
I'm now down to 25% of my normal dose of Metoprolol.  I'm taking a 50mg tablet, and cutting it into quarters.  I had one quarter this morning, and I'll take one quarter tonight.  Tomorrow will be the last day of the medication, then I have to quit in preparation for the EP study.  So far, my heart hasn't behaving too badly.  I'm getting some PVC's and a couple of very short runs of SVT, but all within what I would consider my normal parameters.  I thought I'd feel different for some reason; maybe more alert or more alive, but it's really not different.  Tomorrow night we're driving 250 miles from our home in Massachusetts to our children's homes in Southern NJ across from Philadelphia.  We will be driving as always right thru New York City.  When you sweat the details like I do, this part of the trip is always fun with an active heart.  I'll have to keep thinking.... M E L L O W W W W......

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by LindaTX, Nov 12, 2010
Well, good luck and keep us posted.  I thought I'd write here on your journal....less chance of running into jRant.  he-he.  I know he's a friend of yours so I'll try not to ruffle any more feathers.  So did you decide on Dr. Sirak?  Like you said, just try to stay mellow and relaxed.  I know you are looking forward to doing this.  I was at that point too.  No matter what, I'm still glad I went for it!   No guts, no glory....right?  

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by jennyfi1234, Nov 14, 2010
Good luck!

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by tom_h, Nov 15, 2010
Thanks!  Linda, I think you have me confused with someone else.  I'm in Massachusetts, and having Lawrence Rosenthal perform the ablation at UMass hospital. Thanky ou both for your good wishes.

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by tom_h, Oct 14, 2011
Hi Suzy.  Yes, I'm on here often.  Yes, I had my prcedure in mid November and have been SVT free since.  If you continue thru my journals, i describe my experience.


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