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This whole process........

Aug 27, 2008 - 1 comments


















This whole process has been a real rollercoaster. And mind you, this is my first cycle actually TTC with meds. I went from being very impatient with waiting for AF to show up and then to start my Clomid treatments. I was counting down the days to see the doctor again just to get some kind of update on how well my body has responded to the Clomid. Then to come and find out my body didn't really respond at all to the Clomid. And the only thing really left to do was to start injections. Repronex injections. Which is no fun. It hurts first of all just inserting the needle but that was a pain that can easily be dealt with. But the medication being injected into my body was the pain. It stung and burned at the same time. I mean seriously I didn't think it was possible. Comes to find out it is possible. After the injections, I would just cry to my Husband because I know this is what I want, to have a baby. But the pain I have to go through just to get my ovaries working is just unbearable. I have huge welts on my stomach from the injections. And they hurt and are sore and they itch!!! It seriously feels like a mesquito bite. And I can't wear tight pants because it hurts my injection site. uuuugggghhhh!!! I just really hope this first attempt works! I don't know if I can go through this again!!

Now tonight is my last shot and tomorrow morning is my doctor's appointment. I haven't really been thinking too much about ovulating or anything. All I can think of is the pain. Now, it's the moment of truth!! Is thie medication working, am I ever going to be able to carry my own kids?

I hope, wish and pray for the best. I know everything is in the LORD'S hands but I just hate the anticipation of not knowing if now is my time.

Well I'm going home now. I'll be checking in tomorrow to give updates to anyone who really cares!

Have a GREAT NIGHT!!!!

I'm sending SSBD to everyone and anyone reading this or just simply anyone really trying to have a baby!!!

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443968 tn?1288616289
by eternidad200, Aug 29, 2008
I am sorry, you are right is not fair, and it hurst everything hurts so bad from the injections sites to your sould, the frustrations, anger and dissapoitments. Don't feel bad we are here to support each other and to meet women who are going through the same. Lot sof luck and you will see one day you will have your own babies.

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