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my oxy Journey

Jan 09, 2008 - 1 comments










I started chewing them like 40mgs every couple hours then i had my wisdoms taken out so i couldnt swallow them so snorting began then down hill from there......ooutta hand I just cant do cold turkey i tried too much the percs are helping i plan to then cut them off its way easier than oxys ive done it before....Im glad i finally have someone who understands. I am still taking the clonadine and naproxen is that ok??? Valium to sleep too

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by unconditional31, Mar 23, 2009
my husband is 34 yrs,old he has been doing oxy for 7 years he snorts them and now they think he might have brain damege .he just is not the same person at all.please becareful on snorting,we nver new that it can couse such horrible reprucutoins.

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