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GP appointment

Aug 28, 2008 - 0 comments

Well I have an appointment at 11:15, to see my GP! Been putting it off for so long, I need my lexapro looked at, my refferal resent to my psychiatrist and I have a lump in my stomach, which I think could be a hernia or a cyst of some sort. I had it after DD1 was one, but it shrunk, and its come back and gives me pain, so hopefully I can get it ultrasounded today to see whats going on. Getting thyroid checked, was going to get a pap, but I feel weird my male Dr doing it and the nurse is busy. I hate going to the dr but its been so long might as well get everything done at once.

Woo I did it. Took me forver, and my GP doesn't bite. I have terrible anxiety making myself go to the doctor.

Lumpy could be a hernia. Ultrasound on Monday.

Got another 'clean, crisp' refferal to see my psychiatrist, and I got home to ring, and hes booked out until feb!! So back on the phone to my GP and said please find me another. Waiting, waiting.

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