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Aug 28, 2008 - 0 comments

I am suffering from P.T.S.D with seizures..and it is an everyday struggle..I was diagonsed last Nov..after being on the wrong meds for 8 months..Yeah, tell me about it..I almost died several times..I know I had 1 or 2 mini strokes, but if you don't get to the hospital within a few hours the strokes (mini ones) will not show up on a ct scan..I have learnt alot in the past year and a half..not just about medical, but about what really matters in life..I was on dilantin (600mg) and topamax (100mg) and dilantin alone was enough for a 300lb. man. and I only weighed 120..and I wasn't even having true seizures.They are psuedo seizures..and fainting as well..If anyone has any input please write back..Thanks, Tina

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