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No more charting....For now!

Nov 16, 2010 - 2 comments

So I am no longer taking my temp, or going to chart anything other then my CM. I am not going to amrk when I BD no more either. I do not need to more stress. I am going to let nature take it's course and hope for the best and that I get a BFP for Christmas!!!!

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by DaylightDancer, Nov 17, 2010
Yay, that sounds like a great approach! I can tell you it has helped me so much, even though I thought I wasn't too stressed about charting it's been much easier to enjoy life without taking my BBT. Many times I've forgotten which cd I am on, that's great! :) Now that my gyne is monitoring this cycle, it's been so strange.. I even had to do a OPKs. Thankfully all the results have been encouraging and I'm O'ing early so I'm not stressing about it. Monday I'm going in for my prog check and then back to normal.

All my doctors have been happy to hear I quit charting! There is something to it, at least it helps to stay sane amidst all this.. I hope it works for you and we both get to be pregnant for Christmas!

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by onyxangel, Nov 25, 2010
Damn girl looking that this is freaking amazing! look at that you stoped and look what god gave you... just speechless. Hope all the other girls taking a cycle off of freaking out will have outcomes like yours.. wow such amazing news and a true inspiration.

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