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Flight or Fight

Nov 17, 2010 - 1 comments

Fight or Flight

I am feeling good at the moment,.There's been no arguments or any upset within the family this week and everything seems to be running smoothly which makes a change and i hope it stays that way.

My over eating has calmed down a bit this week and i'm trying to cut down on a few more things.  I seem to eat the wrong things when i'm under stress or feeling down in myself (comfort eating), but this week has been good and i have too, eating wise that is. If things run smoothly so do i.

Flight or Fight:
I need to let things flow though me like i used to do when i practiced Flight or Fight when hubby was doing this. I was the one who learnt to do this and he did'nt and i found it helped me and nothing seemed to bothered me, be it major or minor incidents and it kept me calm in all situations and i was able to conduct my own life properly. The tims i've tried to teach hubby how to do this, but he don't seem to grasp the technique and its so easy to learn, but it takes time to do this at first and it has to be practiced regularly then it all falls into place.
Fight is when your anxious and stressed ect...Flight i sit calmly in a chair and relax like a rag doll breath in slowly through you nose then purse your lips and slowly breath out and keep doing this. I do this 10 to 20 times and sit and relax
When i take on this Flight or Fight  and  put it into practice I adopt a don't care attitude which works for me and keeps me calm, i know this sounds daft, but it works for me  even though i do care if that makes sence. Some people have thought i was hard or did'nt care towards some situations, but i would rather feel like that than fall apart all the time.

If anyone reads this try it and put it into practice on a daily basis, it woked for me and it will work for you

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by aheart, Nov 17, 2010
  The Flight or Fight response is how our bodies react when confronted by real or imagined danger. You heartbeat gets faster your plams sweat, you can't think straight, you feel intense fear, you can even feel like your going to die. It's time to either "fight" the danger or get the heck out of Dodge!  When we have anxiety, it is imagined danger that we face.

  After learning this, its easier for some people to realize that it is only a bodily response that's happening and that's where the relaxation technique that you mentioned comes in handy. People that don't know that what they are experiencing is the response, let their fears carry them farther and farther with it, until it's uncontrolled. Then it can become situational, where I will use one of mine, I couldn't even get through the grocery checkout line, I was so afraid that someone would notice it "happening" to me that I drove myself crazy over. But armed with my new education about anxiety, I went back to all those places and finally conquered them all simply becoming more & more relaxed in the situation instead of more and more anxious.

  Anxiety is real and a pain in the butt, but it doesn't have to rule your life! Thank God! Good Luck to you. You are definitely moving in the right direction!

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