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Sad today

Nov 17, 2010 - 1 comments





chemical pregnancy



Even though we were actually not TTC, bcs we were gonna wait until I got a job, we couldnt help ourselves and I was back on the TWW.

I was getting excited, bcs I was late, almost 4 days late...., Well....I beleive I'm out...I started spoting, my bloated tummy has come down, and I barely had no symptoms, except a little bit of nausea this morning.

I'm soo sad, I believe it was another chemical, but I'm just hoping that I ovulated late..., My cycles are like a clock 25 days, today was my day 28..., if it was a chemical it would be my third....I'm soo sad...

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by missybirt, Nov 28, 2010
sorry to hear about that. praying for you!

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