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Just Me.

Nov 18, 2010 - 3 comments

just me

I am a 44 year old single woman who manages her home and child as best as I can. I have always lived by the creed that life is great so we should enjoy it to the fullest.  The last few years have been so hard on me because I had a neck and shoulder injury that caused me to be in so much pain 24/7.  I was advised by my doctor to do physical therapy with a mixture of vicodin and Ibuprofin 800's.  I listened to my doctor and trusted his advice. I began taking a half a pill of vicodin 4 times a day because it upset my stomach pretty badly.  After a while, I just took them whenever the pain got to be to bad. I had no idea that I was hooked line and sinker until I threw my bottle away.  I threw it away because I was no longer in any pain.  (yeah)  However, I got so sick that I thought I was going to die.  I have never been so scared in all of my life.  The withdrawals of this pill terrified me.  I went through every single withdrawal humanly possible.  I also freaked out mentally.  I am doing much better today, but I do realize that I still have the problem and I still need to get to zero a day. I am just so glad that I am down to 2 a day and I sincerely believe that I could do without those two pills but I am afraid.  I will keep posting until I am finally free of this horrible narcotic called vicodin.

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by LilMark816, Nov 19, 2010
I believe you can do zero pills, how long have you been takin just 2? I can say that many time me taking oxycontin 120-240 mg a day, I was able to quit for 2 weeks to a month and get other the withdrawal, but always slip back up, pretty much out of boredom which is no excuse though. Give it a try though and see how it goes, 10 mg of hydrocodone is not very much at all  and I know u can get this monkey off your back, Greeting from Missouri / Philippines

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by honu11, Nov 19, 2010
Thanks for the encouragement.  I have only been doing 2 a day for 3 days. I know I can do it and I should just dive in and do it.  But it is to late for today because I already had my 2nd pill about an hour ago.........  I think I will try very hard over the weekend to knock this out as best as I can...... Much Aloha from Hawaii........

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by DayToTry, Nov 19, 2010
The weekend would be a great time.  You'd have the days off work to recouperate.  Oh, I guess I'm assuming you have a job like me where you don't work on the weekend.  Well good luck to you.  Coming off two pills shouldn't be too hard.  I was taking 3 and didn't have a hard time at all.  Please keep us updated!

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