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Okay...So it never works out.

Nov 18, 2010 - 2 comments

Rosmary Conoly











Rosmary conoly was fine until I realised I was GAINING weight... Xenical for now, to be replaced by Adios or Alli. Combined with one meal a day. Feeling pretty bad right now.

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1578023 tn?1296242234
by missyE42, Jan 28, 2011
i tried to get xenical off my doctor but he wouldn't give em me till i shown i could loose some weight myself,which i can't so i been takin alli for 2 months, lost few pounds too start but just feel i'm at a standstill now.
i used too get xenical off a friend, & thought they were great. thumbs up too xenical

545909 tn?1306652473
by Yitsukan, Jan 28, 2011
Yeah totally! I've not been able to get it for months now, my BMI is too low get Alli any more, unfortunately, seems so silly that I still have weight to lose, but they just want me to throw money down the toilet with fad pills that aren't even approved? Maybe they need to consider making an even lower dosage, for those of us who are overweight but not by much...

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