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In our last article we recognized the importance of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing (& SPF!) twice a day, every day. But how often should we mechanically exfoliate (at home, using your hands) with a non-abrasive scrub cream?

Exfoliating is an important requirement to add to your skin regime. Exfoliating scrubs and sheds the naturally occurring top layer of dead skin off, letting the skin breathe and avoiding build-up of old sebum and dirt; thus allowing for new cells to regenerate which in turn improves the health and circulation of the skin.

On their own, some cells do slough off, but not to the optimum level our skin needs. These backed-up dead cells can end up lingering around and clogging pores, which can lead to breakouts and/or dull looking skin. The best way you can promote the shedding of these dead skin cells is by exfoliating on a regular basis.

Ideally, you should add an at-home exfoliate regime once or twice a week to your routine.
That's it.

For some of you, this doesn't sit well and you feel you want to scrub the heck out of your skin everyday because that "FEELS" clean. But that can be more harmful than good and in acneic or overly oily skin cases this can actually cause an unbalanced amount of oil to be produced thus resulting in more breakouts and reddened, irritated skin. In the case of already Normal, Dry or Combination Skin, excessive exfoliating can leave the skin red, dry and flakey thus loosing it's natural balanced oil production and in the end leaves the skin still looking dull.

So the most balanced routine would be to exfoliate once a week for dry skin and up to twice a week for combination and oily skin.  The outcome of exfoliating should leave your skin feeling smoother, softer with an even color and circulation-not red and irritated or overly dry and flaky.

There are of course other methods of deep exfoliating that under an Estheticians supervision are more results oriented and targeted to your skin type. Mechanical exfoliation uses either non-abrasive scrubs and creams or Microdermabrasion which is machine that is a bit more abrasive and gets deeper (using tiny crystals or diamond bits to exfoliate. Chemical Exfoliantes containing AHA & BHA (known as chemical peels) also work excellent and also reduce fine lines.

Be sure to visit your Esthetician at least once-twice a month to have one of these type of Exfoliant treatments performed professionaly and in a relaxed setting followed by a targeted Treatment Mask that suits your skin's needs.

-Yvonne Schwerdtfeger
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