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Post Ablation Observations.....

Nov 18, 2010 - 0 comments



Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome


SVT Tachycardia

Nov.18, 2010
Today I got showered and dressed for the first time since coming home from the hospital.  It felt very good to scrub down, remove the SaranWrap-like dressing, and let the puncture areas breathe!  I have an enormous hand-sized bruise from my right hip bone down the crease in my leg.  It's dark purple, and nasty looking.  The area is swollen and tight.  I'm experiencing a PVC every now and then plus I got a couple of short, but weak runs of SVT which dropped out after about 8 beats.  This is normal, and will continue for some time into the future.  Also today, the burning when I urinate is beginning to subside.  The Foley was a dirty little secret they didn't tell me about!  That was a surprise, as I never had one before.  It's a good thing I was out when they inserted it!  Otherwise, I feel great!

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