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We're having a BOY!

Nov 19, 2010 - 0 comments

We found out on October 29th that we are having a little boy.  We're so excited because now we have one of each.  My 4 year old kept telling me she wanted a baby brother from the start and it's weird that that's what we're having.  It's like she knew.  My husband couldn't be any happier even though he didn't really care either way as long as they were healthy.  But I knew he secretly wanted a boy lol.  Of course I wanted a boy to have one of each but then started to want another girl because I knew how to take care of a girl.  I still have anxiety about not knowing what to do with a boy.  I guess I don't have a choice now do I? Lol I guess it can't be that hard.  But anyway we're extremely excited to be adding a little boy to our family.  

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