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First Dr's appt

Nov 19, 2010 - 2 comments

So I called my Dr this morning and they're getting me in on Monday morning at 10 am.  Of course she asked that I bring Vaun along so they could visit lol.  I guess my Dr just wants to admire what all of his expertise and advice got us lol.  I don't even have the courage to start a pregnancy tracker.  All of the due date calc's that I've used are giving me different due dates.  The basic ones that just ask for my MLP gives me July 26.  The more detailed one that also includes how long my cycles are gives me Aug 1st.  I'll ask the Dr about that since I don't want to panic if they do an u/s and the date is a bit off and there's no heartbeat.  I wonder how soon I'll have to start seeing Dr Ryan at the Placenta clinic at Mount Sinai.

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by Dragon1973, Nov 20, 2010
LOL!  Pen, we can go together... seriously!  I would think we should since it's sooo aggravating going down and save us the expense and also give us the great company!!

I will wait for your text message on Monday!  I want all the details even though you probably wont have the test results until Tuesday at the earliest!  Something to chat about at play group!!  LOL!

Sooooo happy for you, Dar and Vaun!!!!!


Sandi  :)

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by blueyes34, Nov 21, 2010
Ya, but now I'm starting to panic lol!  I'll have to go back to work early to get my hours in for EI....and It's based on hours worked, not hours even if I use vacation days for my Mount Sinai appts it's still hours that I'll be missing out on.  We'll also have to get a dual stroller.....I'm trying not to worry too much though lol!

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