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Its Been 2 years

Nov 20, 2010 - 2 comments

From high hopes, to low's, to smiles and to cry's, it's been 2 years now since I was diagnosed with PVC's and when I take a look back and see what Ive been through, I ask myself was it really worth it? All the doctors, specialists appointments. Through +30 weather to -40 weather to get to my appointments. One after another. Test after test. Im still alive yes, but inside feeling cold, lonely, and confused. Ive done eveything possible from A to Z to try and help with my PVCs. Ive had some really inspirational people come into my life and ive had some people who have just gave up on me. How do I keep moving on. How do I keep living to survive? Would I do this all again to try to get better, honestly, No. The only thing positive that helped me through these times is the wonderful people on Medhelp, and my family. I wish I had a way.

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by David8243, Jun 15, 2013
you know what, i will tell you something and you will feel better reply to msg when you read it and then i'll let you know what to do ...

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by ComfySoul, Jun 15, 2013
Your entry touched me. I know how it is to feel no one understands how you feel and what you're going through. My intention for you is that you have faith that there is a reason you are experiencing this. There are lessons to learn here, maybe you have recognized some already. Maybe the biggest one is the one you have yet to embrace.

In the meantime, you can help yourself and those around you, by being joyful and in gratitude for what you have now, what you've learned, and for having faith that comfort is just around the corner. Believe that when you change your thoughts and words to a more positive vibration, that when you are fully living, joyfully, making the most of your time here on this Earth, that you will open doors to opportunities for healing that you never saw before. Heal your mind and your heart, and your body will follow.

Infinite love and gratitude,
Comfy Crystal

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