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Nov 20, 2010 - 2 comments



Skin Cancer








Panic Disorder



Hey sorry it has been so long for me to be able to get on the site. I was sick for a long time and then we had a family move in with us and then We all got sick again and then to top it off I had the scans I said I needed to have done to check for Skin Cancer and I have had One test kind of done or the doctor tried. You see it is on the top part of my lung and the area they have to get too is not easy it has 2 Major Blood Vessels and it is a part of one of them. So they can't take it all anyway, just a bit of it. Well the Doctor tried to go down my throat on Thursday and he could not get to it so the Heart Surgeon Will be Calling me on this Monday the 22 to set the date to deflate my lung get a bit of it and send it to labs and then I see my cancer doctor on the 30'th of Nov. So far this is what I know. I will try to get over here again. I have not been on the computer much and when I did get on it was facebook and Maybe some Mail..

Sorry it has been so long i am still around Wishing I could get the Heck out of my own head..
Loves and Hugs rhea  

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by patient13, Nov 23, 2010
So glad to hear you're still kicking! This must be a very hard time for you, to have such an invasive surgery. Try to be strong if you can. Sending well wishes your way,    denise

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by 29sillygirl, Nov 28, 2010
Geez, not a good month for sure.  So sounds like Ct showed cancer still there.  Altho' it is skin?  I'm confused...nothing new when it comes to all the complications of body problems and medical tests.

Hang in there.  We miss your newsy posts, but sure understand your not being on computer with all that is going on in your life.  

Looking at dates again, hope by  now the heart surgeon may have done his by 30th maybe all will be understood and you won't have to undergo more icky tests.  

Best love, Ann

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