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the last couple of weeks, when i wake up i still have my oxygen tube in my nose or the cpap mask. when i get out of bed i start coughing almost constantly and bring up mucus. this never happened before in all the years i've had COPD. my chest is really tight, but gets less during the afternoon allowing me to due some work in the yard and home. a lot of what i do is pretty heavy stuff. like planting new garden mums, which come back every years a little larger than the year before.. taking summer things to the sheds and winter?Christmas things back to the deck it's a covered deck. in the past i'd keep putting this off so putting up lights in the middle of december was not a lot of funwhen the temps were at freezing mark and tha old wind was blowing off the lake. 1 thing i miss is we used to put a tree up outside the dining room window in annuals garden cover the dirt with ground up leaves my grand kids would take some of the 1 foot tall animal statuesfrom around the yard and surround the creche beneath the tree. on thanksgiving day they would break a small stick and wever won the final would turn the lights on  when it got dark. it was fun maybe in a year or so they can do it by themselves.. don't get me wrong when i do these little jobs around the house and yard, i take lots of breaks. well i wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and hope we have appetites that day.don't over shop for the Christmas season don't forget they are Holy Days not holidays. Jesus is still the reason for the season.God Bless

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