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Post ablation observations.....

Nov 22, 2010 - 3 comments






Nov.22, 2010
It was back to work this morning, 7 days following the ablation procedure.  I could have gone back on Friday, but doctor said to take it easy.  The weak PVC's continue every now and then; perhaps a dozen or so per day.

The big problem right now is my right leg.  The black and blue extends down my inner thigh and onto the rear of my leg, reaching almost down to the crook of my knee.  I'm seeing my cardiologist today, and I'll let him take a look and judge for himself.  The lump at the puncture site is gone, and I'm wondering if the blood from the hematoma is spreading under the skin.  It's an ugly shade of purple and grey and is a bit tender is one area.  

Another wierdness is my heart aches a little at times.  If I could pinpoint it, I'd say it's inthe upper left side of my chest cavity.  Not sure if it's the heart or not, but they did a significant amount of work in the left ventricle.  It comes and goes.  Otherwise, I feel great!

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1137980 tn?1281285446
by cindy707, Nov 22, 2010
Great news Tom....i am so happy when i read about others like myself that have gotten their lives back..that achy thing in your heart is pretty common just so you know...wait until you get that weird thing where it feels like an ice cold ice pick stabs your heart for a mano second...that is the weird one and alot of others who have had the procedure have gone thru the same thing...your heart is like it is telling you that its still there.  I think for most of us it takes a few months to finally not feel our hearts anymore.  I am so happy for you and your wife....remember the heart sits dead center between the nipple lines and just very very slightly to the left and is about the size of your left fist so you can probably pin point what the area is...keep up the good work Tom..!!!!!

1423357 tn?1511085442
by tom_h, Nov 23, 2010
Thanks, Cindy!  If you would, please take a look at my latest journal post.  It may be of interest to you, and perhaps from experience, you can comment on that as well.


1089281 tn?1314567514
by claytex, Nov 23, 2010
tom-h:  Tom, I had an ablation on July 19th of this year and my thigh was just as you describe yours.  I called the EPs office and they had me get an MRI  I think it was... and they discovered that  a gland in my groin had been nipped by the proceedure.  They were concerned as you mentioned above that it could be a hematoma.. however it wasnt and was really not a problem... It did take about 2 months for all of the black and blue to leave my leg... and there was a  small knot for a while.  I had some PVCs for about 3-4 days but they went away.  I think they were caused by a hiatal hernia being inflamed..  I cut out the decaff coffee and citrus and got ok real fast.  Doing great now... no pvcs, no afib... just a real regular 60-65 beats per minute... cant believe it after 12-13 years of afib  and 12-15 cardio versions...laffin... its great..From what your describing, it sounds to me like they fixed yours too... Its sorta funny.. I still catch myself being real careful of somethings ....that used to set off my afib.. such as working with my arms above my head...and the way I lay in bed when I sleep... still cant get used to being normal again..laffing.. it takes a while.. guess Im still a little gun shy....dunno...

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